What is Beyond Enemy Lines?

Beyond Enemy Lines is a singleplayer tactical first person shooter. It's a mix between arcade shooter and military sim and is build around tactical operations.

What is Beyond Enemy Lines's relationship with Project IGI 1 and 2?

Beyond Enemy Lines started as Project IGI Reloaded, a fan recreation of Project IGI 1 and developed into a full, standalone game. The core gameplay is nearly identical with some light additions and improvements.

Will there be a Multiplayer?

No, there are currently no plans for Multiplayer.

Looking for instructions or a manual?

You can find an offical Wikia here.

Where can I find a press kit?

Here is the official press kit.

How can I help support Beyond Enemy Lines?

Spread the word to any friends and/or clan mates who think may be interested. Register, interact, and share your ideas on our social platforms.


What engine are you using?

Epic Games' Unreal Engine 4.

Will Steam be required to play Beyond Enemy Lines?

Yes Steam is required! There will be also a DRM-Free version later this year!

How many missions will be available?

Beyond Enemy Lines will launch with an eight missions long campaign and two special standalone missions, with a combined average playtime of 10-15h on the first playtrough.

Will there be free missions updates after the release?

Yes! Several new missions, each with an average playtime of 1h, will be added for free after the release.

What will be similar to and what will be different from Project IGI?

In general we keep every feature we loved in IGI 1 and improve it if possible. For example we added Iron Sights for all weapons, a more advanced movement model and a massivly improved AI. Everything feels well known but still different and unique to everything you experienced so far.

What time period will Beyond Enemy Lines be set in?

Cold War and past Cold War, this includes the late 80's until the mid 90's.


How is the Beyond Enemy Lines development team set up?

The structure is extremly simple, the game is developed by a single person.

What tools are you using?

Unreal Engine 4, Blender, Visual Studio, paintNet, CrazyBump.