Think your way in ... shoot your way out!

The mighty Russian Bear is sinking into corruption and extortion

The year is 1989, the cold war is coming to an end. There is one separatist group of russian soldiers that have taken control over a satellite equipped with nuclear missiles near the georgia border and threatened with the destruction of the western world. It has become harder and harder for the security forces of individual nations to combat this threat. What's needed is an organization with the resources and the authority to fight this terrorism. An organization armed with state of the art weapons and equipment that would operate in absolute secrecy, it's existancy known only to the most senior government officials. Such an organization existits, it's code name is:

It's agents operates as a lone wolf far beyond enemy lines to cut of the head of the viper before it has a chance to strike. You are Aaron Clark, member of Silent Ace and must gain back control of the satellite in a secret mission beyond enemy lines. Think your way in, observe the enemies and sneak into the enemy base and complete your objective. But be cautious - your are a lone wolf beyond enemy lines!

Classic Shooter Resurrection

Beyond Enemy Lines is a true PC Hardcore Tactical Shooter. No Aim-Assistance, no unnecessary tooltips, no restrictions! Learn to control the recoil, read the terrain and adapt your tactics - Beyond Enemy Lines is an unforgiving, intense experience where skill and tactical decisions matter!

The freedom of choice

Beyond Enemy Lines is a hardcore tactical shooter and specifically designed to be replayed numerous times. There are no savegames while in a mission, so beating the game becomes a real challenge. It takes patience and dedication to beat this game, which makes it stand out among casual titles that are so prevalent in current times. Expect your raw skill to be tested in an unforgiving way!